We aim to create happy homes for successfully aging seniors, where longevity is coloured with a good quality of life. – Our Guarantee
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Rockgarden Homes is a service enterprise located in Ikorodu, Lagos State. The company is privately owned by Dr and Mrs A. O. Fadugbagbe who have extensive experience in the health and commercial industries, and have maintained excellent reputations in these same industries. The Company is situated in an estate property and the business space encompasses 24 units of en-suited 2-bedroom flats.

Our experience, based on years of caring for elderly patients, is that people seeking Respite and LongTerm residential care have many of the same needs:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To be actively engaged in a community of some kind.
  • To be involved in his/her own treatment and living plan.
  • To be cared for by skilled, medically-knowledgeable clinicians and caregivers, working as a team.

Who we are:

Where would you want to live if you needed daily assistance? In your home, of course.

Rockgarden Homes aims to be that home for some privileged elderly assisted living residents. We offer medically-skilled care in a respectful, self-sustaining community for long-term residents, and skilled nursing care for short-term residents.

Our beautiful new facility located in Lagos State, has 70 en-suited cozy rooms. We will establish a new kind of Elder Care model based on the idea that the elderly are fully-realized persons, with ideas, thoughts, and experiences which matter.

Care-giving leaves its toll on the family. Relatives occasionally desire a break to recuperate and attend to their own needs before they continue with the care of their seniors. Some relatives also lack the requisite skill or time required to give their seniors the attention and care that they deserve.

It is therefore a gross misconception to think those who pay others to care for their loved ones are uncaring or unloving. On the contrary, they are willing to pay for the unique care we provide for these seniors in our centre, solely because they genuinely care and want the very best for them. And that’s what we offer at Rockgarden Homes. The demand for a residential service is notable when the client’s families are permanently resident overseas, or when they have to travel on holidays abroad and need a safe place to drop their aged parents until they return.

An ideal home for elderly people caters to the various individual needs, while allowing clients to live as independently as possible. Rockgarden Homes aims to be that quintessential home that meets the residential and care needs of the elderly at affordable costs, without restricting any part of their lives.

Ideally, the decision for a senior to be brought to Rockgarden Homes should be a family decision. And for these families, we offer peace of mind, and the knowledge that outside of in-home, full-time care, their loved ones are receiving the best possible daily assistance in maintaining their preferred lifestyle.

Our management team:

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Dr. A. O Fadugbagbe , M.B.Ch.B., M.Sc (Liverpool)

Our Medical Director is a Family Medicine Resident with extensive experience in the healthcare industry where he has maintained an excellent reputation. He has research interest in the field of geriatric medicine and has maintained an excellent reputation in the health industry.



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Mrs G. G. Fadugbagbe , BSc, MBA

She is a Banker with extensive customer care experience and a passion for excellence. Her primary motivation is compassion and selfless service.

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Eda Aitalegbe

Eda is an astute professional with a passion for providing domiciliary care for adults in their homes. She has a B.Sc in Public Health from the United Kingdom where she also received training as a Social Worker and a Support Worker. She has worked in various Nursing homes and residential care settings in the UK, acquiring invaluable skills and expertise over several years.

Facility Manager

Some of our Services:

  • 1ShortStay / Respite care
  • 2LongTerm care
  • 3Geriatric assessment
  • 424-hour emergency alert
  • 5Attending Physicians
  • 6Coordinated transport
  • 7Dementia care
  • 8Dental care
  • 9Dietary and nutrition
  • 10Interpreter services
  • 11Medication management
  • 12Occupational therapy
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  • 13On-site Nurse
  • 14Pain management
  • 15Pet therapy
  • 16Physical therapy
  • 17Podiatry care
  • 18Recreation activities
  • 19Registered Nurses
  • 20Respite care
  • 21Vision care
  • 22Wound care
  • 23Social activities
  • 24Management consultations
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