Your parents are welcome to stay with us for a few weeks or permanently, depending on your choice and the assessed needs. Our admission procedure is as follows:

  • You and your family members need to complete the assessment form with as much information as you can and email it to us at
    You can download our SELF ASSESSMENT FORM here.
  • You will then book an appointment with Doctors at our centre, who will carry out medical assessments prior to admission in the Home (fees for these is around 10,000 Naira).
  • This will also serve as a familiarization visit for your family.
  • Thereafter, we will issue a copy of the residential and support agreement, as well as an invoice to be paid prior to lodging.
  • Fees may vary depending on the individual’s choices and care needs.
  • The fees for the home cover the costs of accommodation, meals, utilities, laundry and basic personal care products, and are payable depending on the chosen plan.
  • However, the fees do not cover doctors’/ hospital visits, medication, skilled nursing care, continence and hygiene products (e.g. diapers) and transport to sites outside the home.
  • The payments can be made through a secured platform HERE
  • Payments are then acknowledged and receipted. Thereafter, the residential and support agreement is signed by both parties.
  • Rockgarden Homes Manager’s number is +2348144055979, should you wish to visit our premises, or if you need further details.
  • You are encouraged to visit your parent as often as you wish, between 8am and 8pm either announced or unannounced.
  • Family members are encouraged to ensure the client embarks on at least one holiday per annum.  Such vacations can be a visit to family / friends.