You are a special person, your needs are unique. At Rockgarden Homes, we help you keep your dignity and your independence with a variety of personalized care services tailored just for you. It’s important to us you never lose you. We recognize that you, or your loved one, deserve quality care and support for both medical and social needs at this stage of life.

When you decide to live at Rockgarden Homes, you become part of our family. We’re here to help seniors maintain their dignity and to continue enjoying a dynamic lifestyle. Our lively communities support each resident’s independence, while offering the security of 24-hour staff as well as personalized care services—if they’re ever needed.

LongTerm Care at Rockgarden Homes provides medical and support services for elderly residents and people with a chronic condition or a prolonged illness. Our staff is devoted to the creation of a comforting environment, and focused on helping each person to achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life.

We provide accommodation, meals and personal care for people who find it difficult to cope at home without help, or who need more help than their carers can provide. Our mission is to render professional and compassionate care, in an ambience of excellence. We aim to create happy homes for successfully aging seniors, where longevity is coloured with a good quality of life.

We ensure each resident has a personal care plan tailored to fit their needs, reflect their wishes and realistic goals. These care plans are reviewed on a regular basis by staff and residents to measure whether the needs are being met and to continuously improve the plans to more accurately reflect the ongoing needs and aspirations of the resident.

Our two service levels for Long Term Care include

  1. Retirement / Independent Living (with or without Personal Care Services)
  2. Assisted Living (with Highly Skilled Nursing and Personal Care Services)

We welcome your loved one on their first day as part of the family. One of our staff will show you and your loved one around and give as much help as needed to help them settle in.

We will ask a lot of questions to help us create a personal plan of care and to help us understand how they like to be cared for. This will include personal routines, choice of meals, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, how they like to be helped and sleeping patterns.

We’ll also spend time getting to know your loved one and helping them to share memories and experiences to assist them in getting the most enjoyment out of their break with us. Residents are welcome to bring their own linen and furniture if they wish. Sometimes familiar things from home can help settle in easier but it really depends on their choice.

Our aim is to provide a comfortable secure and caring environment where the person being cared for is looked after properly and their family can be rest assured that their loved one is receiving the best attention at all times.

What it costs
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