Our ShortStay Services provide our patients with excellent care in a warm, family-oriented environment.
Short stay or respite care can be for many reasons.

  • A break for the person being cared for – our elders love us, but they don’t necessarily want to spend all their time with us all day every day. They deserve a holiday too and will probably want to spend it with people of their own age group, people they can relate to. We can help by providing just such a break with the added security of 24 hour care and attention.
  • A break for the carer – looking after the elders we love is rewarding in itself, but we all need a break from time to time. Whether you are planning a holiday, just need a break for a couple of weeks or are feeling run down yourself and need time to recover, Rockgarden Homes is here to help. We offer peace of mind, and the knowledge that your loved ones are receiving the best possible daily assistance in maintaining their preferred lifestyle.
  • Recovery from illness or operation – help is on hand to help recover and provide that extra support needed when on the mend. Speeding recovery and returning our patient home as quickly as possible are our primary goals in this scenario.
  • A trial period – people often think about moving to residential care permanently but don’t want to take the risk only to find out it is not what they want. A short trial visit is an ideal way to see whether residential care is a good choice for your circumstances and tastes.


  • Quality of Life is related to body function and structure. Participation in activities and exercise programs may lead to significant improvement in strength, endurance and reserve capacities, and therefore enable older adults to maintain their ability to perform daily activities independently.
  • The clients will be encouraged to read books and listen to tapes or CD and/or watch TV. These engagements keep brain cells stimulated.
  • Visit to parks and recreational facilities as well as picnic trips will be encouraged.
  • They will be encouraged to continually explore new options, to engage in interests, and to find new ways to stay stimulated and engaged –ICT/Android devices connect with children & grandchildren.
  • Learning of new things, sharing their skills with others, or developing new skills that will help with fine motor movement and coordination.
  • They will also be encouraged to volunteer in various community activities or programs where feasible.
  • Other activities will include music therapy, humour therapy, pet therapy, bereavement therapy etc.

What it costs
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