Pest Control for Old peoples Homes

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Caring for aging family members weighs heavily on people’s minds. Identifying and moving parents and loved ones into the right living facility is a priority – when specialized care is needed. Vetting nursing and assisted living facilities can be an arduous task for families. And, administrators must alleviate all concerns by assuring elders will be receiving the best care.

Conditions of these facilities are scrutinized daily. As healthcare providers, you must maintain a high level of hygienic and sanitary compliance, or risk consequences including loss of business and even fatal circumstances. Therefore, for general maintenance and public safety, pest control must be part of routine service. If not properly treated, nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be hotbeds for infestation.

Professional pest control is the only way to ensure your property remains free of bugs and vermin. Much like a healthcare facility itself, the experienced technicians at Cleaneat we specialize in the science behind extermination techniques, rid agents, and the breeding habits of infestation to better protect the different spaces in your building. Our team doesn’t come in with a spray and pray technique in the hopes of getting all the pests. We examine the property methodically. Look for entry points, breeding grounds, signs of colonies, and nests. We go straight to the source to eliminate infestation. Major areas of concentration include wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, rugs and upholstery cleaning,

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